Why Nevada Immigrants Need to Apply for Citizenship NOW

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Have you been delaying your immigration application in Nevada? Then your time could be running out. It may be wise to have a free consultation with a Nevada Immigration Lawyer.

Each day you put off your application, you’re running the risk that immigration laws might change, mistakes might happen, and your aspirations of American citizenship could disappear in the blink of an eye.

Let’s go over some of the major benefits you’ll enjoy by naturalizing as a US citizen, and a few of the big downsides from not applying on time.

Eligible for immigration services? The best time to apply is now.

Citizenship Can NEVER Be Taken From You

Once you naturalize as a US citizen in Nevada, you’ll never have to worry about deportation again. Citizenship can never be taken away, except in extreme cases where it’s discovered that your citizenship was obtained illegally or fraudulently.

With a green card, you just don’t have that safety net. Your green card could be revoked or you could be deported for a number of reasons, such as traveling abroad for extended periods of time or breaking the law.

Citizens Can Travel Freely Abroad

With a green card, your ability to travel overseas is restricted. If you travel abroad for too long, or don’t have a reentry permit or return visa, you could lose your green card.

As a US citizen, you’ll face no such restrictions, meaning you’re free to travel outside the country for as long as you like.

Citizens Have More Rights

It should come as no surprise that US citizens simply have more Constitutional rights than permanent residents or those with a work permit.

After you naturalize, you’re eligible for a US passport, able to vote in US elections, entitled to aid at US embassies and consulates abroad, eligible for aid at both the state and federal level, and eligible for full Social Security benefits.

Citizens Have an Easier Time Getting Green Cards for Family Members

For people who hold a green card, petitioning immigration services for family members to join you in the US can be a huge pain—and often involves extremely long wait times.

Citizens, on the other hand, face shorter waits. But even better is that US citizens can petition for a larger number of family members, AND the spouse, parents, and children (younger than 21 years old) of US citizens are automatically eligible for US visas.

What About Green Cards?

We’ve been talking a lot about naturalization, but the truth is that you should apply for any immigration service as soon as humanly possible. Eligible now? Then apply now.

Green cards also offer a ton of benefits you want to take advantage of immediately, such as:

  • No longer needing a work permit
  • Finding work more easily
  • Better able to support your family
  • Better pay, more benefits

These are just a handful of the benefits you could receive by submitting your immigration application. But these might not be around forever because…

Immigration Laws Are Always Changing—Don’t Get Left Behind

With the US immigration system, you can’t ever be sure that today’s laws and opportunities will be the same tomorrow.

Just take a look at DACA—those who took advantage of the program the very moment they were eligible are now on the way to becoming US citizens, while people who waited are now looking at a very uncertain future.

DACA is the perfect example of what can happen when you put off your immigration application just a day too long.

Don’t get left out.

Are you eligible for permanent residence or naturalization in Nevada? Wondering when to apply? The answer is right now.

Give us a call or send us an email immediately so we can begin processing your application before it’s too late. The potential benefits are huge, while the drawbacks of waiting are even bigger. Don’t wait another second.