5 Common Problems that Prevent Green Card Approval

permanent resident green card

For non-citizens to obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States, a Green Card must be issued. Green Cards are one of the most sought-after pieces of documentation for immigrants in the US, and for good reason.

Monument has helped many people successfully file their Green Card applications, but there is still a little confusion surrounding the process for many people. One of the biggest worries for new applicants is figuring out why their application could be denied.

If you or a family member are applying for a Green Card, the following issues could cause your application to be delayed or denied. Here are the most common problems, and how to avoid them on your application.

1. Security and Legal Status

Let’s just get this out of the way first. A criminal record can quickly derail your attempts to obtain a Green Card—especially prostitution, drug trafficking, fraud, money laundering, and other serious crimes.

And while this is a fringe case that has never been an issue with any of our clients, of course attempting to enter the US in order to engage in terrorism or other security threats will cause a denial of the Green Card application.

2. Public Charge

If the government views you as at-risk to become dependent on government care and financial support after you become a resident, your Green Card application may be denied.

Those reviewing your application take into account your health, family status, available resources and assets, as well as your education in order to determine whether you’re capable of supporting yourself.

However, if someone has given a signed affidavit of support for your application, it’s highly unlikely your Green Card will be refused for financial reasons.

3. Health

One of the requirements for your Green Card application is a thorough medical exam conducted by a doctor who is approved by the government. Negative results such as dangerous communicable diseases, a lack of proper vaccinations, drug addiction, or life-threatening mental/physical disorders can all lead to a denial of your Green Card application.

4. Application Error

Applicants are forced to jump through many hoops to get a Green Card, especially when it comes to fees, forms, and proper documentation. Many applicants have been rejected because they chose not to use an immigration attorney—a few small errors here and there could mean starting the process all over again.

5. Human Error

Nobody is perfect, and that includes the officials at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. If your application is denied, don’t panic—if you’ve done everything perfectly, your denial could be due to a simple oversight by an immigration official.

Your attorney’s job is to help you process your application as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Your immigration lawyer will help you understand the reason for any denial notice you might receive, and work with you to help make it right.