How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer

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Finding and selecting any type of lawyer can be a daunting task. Your decision could have a dramatic effect on your finances, family, and your life. Choosing an immigration attorney can have even more serious consequences. If you do not find an efficient, experienced, and reliable attorney, you could end up in removal proceedings facing deportation.

Many people in immigrant communities are already aware of many of the pitfalls. There are “notarios” who are unlicensed people or companies who claim to have immigration expertise but are not licensed attorneys. Often attorneys who lose their license will pose as attorneys or notarios in order to continue working and taking money from those who are not aware of the dangers of working with someone who is unlicensed.

The first thing you should do when looking for an immigration attorney is to shop around. Look up attorneys in your area, read their reviews, call their office and/or send them an email. You will get a very good idea of how you will be treated by that attorney in your first interaction. Ask about their pricing. A good immigration attorney will be able to give you a price up front. It should be a flat fee based on the type of service you need. The price should be competitive. Ask if the government filing fees are included in the total fee.

It is not uncommon for some immigration attorneys to continually call and ask for additional money or funds to proceed with the case. This should be unacceptable in most instances as flat fees are most common in this area of practice.

Lastly, ensure that you speak with the attorney themselves. Some firms use their paralegals and assistants as the only conduit to their clientele.

At Monument Immigration we ensure that you speak with the attorney right away, that your case is reliably and accurately analyzed in a timely manner, and that your case is processed immediately and without delay. Mark Naugle has nearly 10 years of experience as an immigration attorney. He has represented clients in Washington, California and Utah throughout the entire spectrum of immigration law.

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