Watch Out for These Red Flags When Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

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If you are having issues with your immigration case, you may consider hiring an immigration attorney. But what should you look for in an immigration attorney?

Immigration attorneys can do a lot for your case. They can help you prepare documents, deal with immigration officials, and get ready for hearings. But they cannot make any guarantees about the success of your application. If a lawyer does, they might be trying to sweet talk you and collect a fee, rather than give you solid legal advice.

Here, we’ll discuss some warning signs that you should keep an eye out for when hiring an immigration attorney.

Takes Your Case Too Quickly

Immigration law is complicated, and every case is different. An experienced immigration lawyer will always review a case and consider what is best for the client before choosing to work with you.

If an attorney offers to take your case right away, this should be cause for concern. They haven’t had time to consider your case or decide if they have any useful legal advice to offer. Instead, they are likely trying to get as much money from you as possible.

skilled immigration attorney won’t make any promises or try to sell you on the visa process. Instead, they work with you to complete an error free and thorough application, increasing the chances that you receive a visa. If they don’t think they can help your case, they will not take it.

Most attorneys will also offer free case evaluations where they walk you through your legal options. If an attorney is not willing to do this, you should consider finding another attorney to take your case.

Offers A Quote Before Knowing The Details Of Your Case

Quotes for immigration cases vary greatly depending on the time and services a lawyer has to provide. It can take time to estimate an accurate quote. If an attorney immediately offers a quote over the phone, be careful. They likely haven’t considered the details of your case, and are trying to lure you in with a low quote.

However, the attorney may then try to increase the price later and get more money from you. They’ll claim that complications arose in your case, and that they’ll need to be paid more to deal with them. Choose a lawyer who is upfront about their fee, and who takes the time to offer a realistic quote based on the details of your case.

They Promise That Your Application Will Be Successful

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in the immigration process. Even the best prepared case may be rejected. An experienced immigration attorney will always be realistic about the prospects of your case, and not make promises.

If an attorney guarantees that your application will be accepted, then you should look for another attorney. A skilled lawyer can only promise that they will use their expertise to do as much as possible for your case.

At Monument Immigration, we do everything in our power to prepare your application and ensure that it’s error free. We also get your documents ready quickly so that your application is processed as soon as possible.

They Claim You Don’t Need Family In The United States

The U.S. immigration process heavily favors family members of existing citizens and lawful permanent residents. If you want to receive a green card or get lawful permanent resident status, the law states that you need to have ties to the country. This can be family member or an organization that is offering you employment.

If you speak to a lawyer and they claim that you do not need a family sponsor or other ties to the United States, they are trying to mislead you. You should choose a lawyer who will be honest with you and give a fair evaluation of your case.

They Aren’t Available

You’ll find many attorneys who promise you one on one attention when they are evaluating your case. However, once they’ve been paid, they disappear, and you can never reach them directly.

This could mean that the law office is large, and hands most cases off to junior attorneys. Or even worse, they don’t even have an attorney working on your case. You need an attorney who gives you direct access and who will personally handle your case. Changes can happen in your case, and you need to be able to reach your attorney right away if something comes up.

They’re Just After Your Money

Always take extra caution with any attorney who asks for money up front. Most experienced attorneys will review your case and outline a clear legal strategy before they ask for any form of compensation. If an attorney is asking for cash right away, they may be trying to get as much money from you as possible while doing little work.

You’ll also want the option to be paid back in the case the attorney does not complete the work. If the attorney does not discuss this or refuses to offer your money back in the case of unfinished work, you should find another attorney.

Contact An Experienced Immigration Attorney

When you are looking for an immigration attorney, you should try to find one who has the right experience. Immigration law is complex, and you need an attorney who has handled a wide variety of different cases and understands every part of the process, from submitting paperwork to preparing for immigration hearings.

At Monument Immigration, we have years of experience working on immigration cases. We only do immigration law, so our attorneys know how to handle your case. Our attorneys also handle every case personally, so you can trust that the attorney you speak to is the one handling your application.

We know about important it is to submit your application in a timely manner. That’s why we prepare your application for submission within 2 business days. Contact us by phone today.