Why New Mexico Immigrants Need to Apply for a Green Card or Citizenship NOW

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Have you been eligible for naturalization or a green card in New Mexico? Then your time might be running out. It may be wise to consult with a New Mexico immigration attorney.

Every day is another opportunity for immigration laws to change, for mistakes to occur, and for your dreams of a better future to disappear forever.

In short, if you’re eligible for citizenship, you have to apply ASAP. That’s because you’re missing out on tons of unique benefits that might not be available in the future. Apply early and get better peace of mind—here’s why.

Citizenship Can NEVER Be Taken From You

Worried you could possibly be deported? That will never happen once you become a citizen.

US citizenship can only be taken away in extreme circumstances, such as fraudulently or illegally obtaining your citizenship in the first place.

Permanent residents don’t have the same benefit, and could lose their green card or be deported for breaking the law—or even simply by traveling abroad for too long.

Citizens Can Travel Freely Abroad

For those with green cards who are trying to become citizens, you face restrictions on the amount of time you’re allowed to spend outside the country. Traveling overseas for too long and without the proper return visas and reentry permits could jeopardize your green card status.

US citizens, on the other hand, are free to leave the country for as long as they choose.

Citizens Have More Rights

It’s probably no surprise that US citizens have access to unique Constitutional rights that just aren’t available to non-citizens.

Once you go through naturalization, you’ll be able to obtain a US passport, vote in American elections, receive aid at both the federal and state level, and receive Social Security benefits in full.

Citizens Have an Easier Time Getting Green Cards for Family Members

For New Mexico residents with just a green card, bringing over additional family members to the United States is a long, difficult process.

US citizens can jump to the front of the line, facing much shorter waiting periods. You’ll also be able to sponsor a wider variety of relatives, and your immediate family (children under 21, spouse, parents) are instantly eligible for US visas.

What About Green Cards?

Although we’ve mainly covered the benefits of citizenship, the same holds true for just about every immigration service—especially green card applications in New Mexico.

Green cards also offer immigrants many benefits, but you have to apply first. Some of those benefits are:

  • Being able to find a job more easily
  • Having an easier time supporting your family
  • No longer needing a work permit to secure a job
  • Better pay and better benefits

Having a green card will make your life infinitely easier, but your eligibility could be in jeopardy because…

Immigration Laws Are Always Changing—Don’t Get Left Behind

Today’s opportunities and immigration laws are never guaranteed to last, which is exactly why applying early is so beneficial.

For Exhibit A, look at DACA. People who were eligible for DACA and processed their applications early are now well on their way towards becoming citizens, while those who waited are now looking at a very uncertain fate.

Don’t wait. Don’t get left behind.

Eligible for citizenship or a green card in New Mexico? Wondering when you should apply? The answer is today.

The potential payoff for getting a green card or naturalization are massive, but so are the downsides to waiting. Get in touch with us immediately so we can begin your application as soon as humanly possible.