4 Easy Ways to Speed Up an Immigration Application

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Immigration applications can take a long time. In some cases, the waiting period can last multiple years. No wonder one of the main questions immigration attorneys are asked is if there is any way to speed up the application process.

There’s not always a way to speed up processing times on applications. However, there are occasional exceptions where you may be able to quicken the process.

Apply For Premium Processing Service

USCIS will expedite certain immigration cases for an extra fee of $1225. Unfortunately, this service is not available to any family visa applications, and only applies to certain work visas.

You also have to have a reason for expediting application review. USCIS will not approve premium processing if your only reason for speeding up the process is that you’re impatient. Cases that might be considered for premium service include a family emergency, military deployment, or a medical procedure.

If you think you may qualify for premium processing, speak to an immigration attorney, as they can help you fill out the right paperwork and ensure that you qualify.

Submit An Error Free Application

Once of the most common reasons for a delayed application is improperly filed paperwork. Visa applications are complicated, and require dozens of different forms and documents.

Many applicants try to save money by filling out paperwork themselves. However, this only increases the chances of a rejected or delayed application.

Forms are often updated, meaning you need to make sure you’re filling the newest version. If you make an error, you also need to be able to find it, as USCIS will not always clearly state what the error was.

An immigration attorney can walk you through the entire process, preparing documents and ensuring that your application is ready to submit without any errors.

Hire An Immigration Attorney

Immigration attorneys can do a lot more than just prepare documents for your application. The law is always changing, and navigating it can be quite a challenge. A skilled immigration attorney can help you find loopholes, keep you updated on changes to immigration law, and ensure that you are applying for the correct visa.

It takes years of experience to learn all of the nuances of immigration law. That’s why you should choose an attorney who only focuses on immigration. General attorneys may be able to help with some paperwork, but they don’t know enough about immigration law to fully manage your case.

Contact USCIS

Delays in cases can be hard to explain. Immigration officials do a poor job of sending you updates, so it can be difficult to know what the status of your application is. Sometimes, application are lost, which can leave your case in limbo for years.

If you are having problems with your application, you may consider reaching out to USCIS yourself. However, finding someone that will actually give you useful information can be difficult. Most USCIS customer service representatives can provide you with little information.

To find out more, you often have to reach out by mail to USCIS regional managers. Unfortunately, many of these managers may not respond to applicants’ questions.

If your application is delayed, you should speak to an attorney. Although immigration attorneys cannot always get information from USCIS officials, they have a much greater chance of getting answers than applicants do.

They may have contacts with immigration officials that are not open to the public. Since they have years of experience, they know the best ways to get answers.

Find The Right Immigration Attorney

If you need an experienced immigration attorney to help you prepare your case, reach out to us at Monument Immigration. Our sole focus is on immigration law. We have years of experience dealing with every type of immigration case.

Deadlines are crucial when preparing a visa application. That’s why we get all of your documents ready within 2 business days of receiving them.

We know how difficult finding a trustworthy attorney can be. That’s why we offer free case evaluations, where we discuss your application and what we can do to help. Reach us by phone today.