The Complete Guide to Preparing for Your Immigration Interview

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The immigration interview is often the most stressful step of the application process. But there are some simple steps you can take to leave a great impression during your interview and increase the chances of a positive review.

Making The Right First Impression

When it comes to immigration interviews for green cards, first impressions matter. Here are some of the most important factors when it comes to giving a good impression at your interview.

Eye Contact

Throughout your interview, it’s important that you continue to make eye contact. Avoiding eye contact makes you look nervous, and some interviewers may think that you are anxious because you have something to hide.

Eye contact shows that you are fully engaged in the interview, and can help you form a stronger connection with the interviewer.


Many people may forget to smile during their interview due to nerves. Others may avoid smiling so that they come across as serious.

However, an open and genuine smile can help you build trust with the interviewer, and make you seem friendlier.

Sit Up Straight

Slouching in your chair can leave a bad impression, as you will come off as less confident as less engaged. Try to sit up as straight as possible, giving yourself a more confident posture. This will also make it much easier for you to engage with the interviewer and make consistent eye contact.

Dress Appropriately

The person conducting the interview will often judge you on how you are dressed. Although this may be unfair, it’s the reality of the process, so you should always come to the interview well dressed.

Try to look as neat and well groomed as possible, and avoid any large pieces of jewelry.

Improving Communication

Throughout the interview, you will be judged on how you communicate in English. This is difficult for many applicants, and often leads to errors during the interview.

Make sure that you speak with a native speaker before the interview, which will help you communicate as clearly as possible.

Practice Before Your Interview

Many applicants go into the interview without any practice. The interviewer will often notice this lack of preparation, and it can make it look like you don’t take your case seriously.

Take extra time before you speak with immigration officials to practice your answers. Try to simulate the interview environment, dressing like you would and speaking in the same way.

Lots of practice can help make you more confident, and decreases the likelihood of any miscommunication during the interview.

Always Tell The Truth

It’s very common to get nervous during the interview and to fear that your answers aren’t good enough. However, you should never lie to try to make your application look better.

Reach Out To An Immigration Attorney

If have any more concerns about your interview, reach out to an experienced immigration attorney.

At Monument Immigration, our only focus is on immigration law. We offer free case evaluations, where we can walk you through your application and help you prepare for the interview. Contact us by phone today.