Here’s a Shortcut to Find the Best Immigration Attorney

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There are many skilled immigration attorneys out there who can help you build a strong case for an affordable fee.

However, some immigration lawyers take advantage of their clients, rushing applications to make as much money as possible from each case. With many visa applications, you only have one chance, so you should make sure that your case is in safe hands.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to find a great immigration attorney. Although finding the right lawyer can take time, it’s worth it once you find an attorney you can trust with your case.

Stay Away From Lawyers Who Try To Speak To You At Immigration Offices

Many immigration lawyers will show up at USCIS offices, trying to find clients in desperate need of an attorney. These lawyers are often trying to rip off clients, doing little work while charging substantial fees.

You should avoid any lawyer that tries to approach you while you wait at an immigration office. This practice is considered unethical, and these lawyers should not be trusted with your case.

Check Their Accreditation

Unfortunately, there are many “lawyers” that offer immigration advice without the proper legal training. Other people claim to be immigration consultants, saying that they can help you fill out your application. Often, these people will take your money while doing little to help your case.

Immigration law is complex, and you need someone with years of experience to help guide you through it. Make sure any lawyer you hire is properly accredited, and that they have a track record of helping clients.

Look In To Your Lawyer’s Background

You’re putting a lot of trust into someone when you let them handle your immigration case. That’s why it’s crucial that you do plenty of research before deciding on the right lawyer.

Try to find as much information as you can about their credentials, including their education and practice areas. Many lawyers will have case results, where you can see testimonials from past clients.

You can also find reviews online, where past clients detail their experiences working with the lawyer. Although one bad review shouldn’t be taken seriously, you should avoid any attorney who has a noticeable pattern of unsatisfied clients.

You should also look for a lawyer who specializes in immigration law. If they claim to practice in dozens of different areas of the law, they likely don’t have the experience needed to handle complicated immigration cases. It takes years to master all of the details of immigration law, and you need an attorney who has put the time in.

Keep An Eye Out For Scams

Most immigration attorneys are honest, hardworking professionals. However, there are some who are unethical, and will do anything they can to find clients. These attorneys may try to sway you with illegal offers, such as bribes to immigration officials. Some may even try to sell you a fake green card.

These scams are, fortunately, fairly rare. But they do happen, and you should keep an eye out for them as you search for an attorney.

Don’t Buy In To Unrealistic Promises

Every visa application is different, so there is no one size fits all solution to immigration law. It’s also impossible to guarantee results. Even the best attorney cannot promise you that your application will be successful. But they will do everything they can to ensure that your application is the best that it can be.

Avoid lawyers that make blanket promises before reviewing your case. If they guarantee a successful application, they are either lying, or do not know what they’re talking about. You need a lawyer that will be honest and realistic when dealing with your case.

Speak To Multiple Lawyers

Even if you’ve found a lawyer that you trust, you should consider speaking to a few different lawyers. Most immigration attorneys will have a unique approach, and you may feel that another attorney offers a better fit for you.

Compare the advice given to you by different lawyers. You may find that you feel more comfortable working with one over the other, even if all of the attorneys you spoke to are trustworthy.

You may also be able to find an attorney that charges lower fees for the same services. Since most attorneys offer free case evaluations and quotes, you can shop around and find the most affordable option.

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