Why Arizona Immigrants Need to Apply for a Green Card or Citizenship NOW

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If you live in Arizona and you’ve been putting off your application for naturalization, a green card, or any number of other immigration services, the time to act is now. Delaying your application has no benefit whatsoever, but could cause you a ton of headaches in the future. Plus finding an Arizona immigration attorney is easy.

Every day, immigration laws could change, accidents could occur, and your dreams of becoming a citizen of the US could vanish in the blink of an eye.

This isn’t meant to scare anyone or make it seem like the world is ending—but for Arizona immigrants like you, starting your application now could mean receiving incredible benefits and avoiding some huge drawbacks.

Citizenship Can NEVER Be Taken From You

Permanent residents don’t have the same safety net as citizens, and your green card could be revoked for a number of reasons. You could even be deported for violating the terms of your permanent residency, getting into legal trouble, or simply traveling abroad for too long.

Naturalized citizens receive the same rights as native-born citizens, meaning your citizenship can never be taken away, you can never be deported, etc.

The only way to ‘lose’ US citizenship is to get caught for obtaining your citizenship in an illegal manner, or to renounce it yourself.

Citizens Can Travel Freely Abroad

It might seem crazy, but you can lose your green card just by leaving the US for longer than a year (if you don’t have a reentry permit or return visa).

As a naturalized citizen, you’re free to leave the country without any time restriction or need to apply for return visas.
Citizens Have More Rights

Full Constitutional rights granted to US citizens include the right to full Social Security, federal and state aid, the right to vote in US elections, the right to seek aid at US embassies and consulates abroad, and the right to a US passport.

Green card holders have none of these rights.

Citizens Have an Easier Time Getting Green Cards for Family Members

Green card recipients have a much tougher time petitioning for family members to join them in the United States, often facing excruciatingly long wait times.

US citizens cut to the front of the line and can sponsor far more family members with shorter wait times. Plus, once you become a citizen, your parents, spouse and children (under 21 years of age) are automatically eligible for US visas.

What About Green Cards?

While of course becoming a citizen is the end game, getting your green card is also an important step as you work towards citizenship. Are you eligible for a green card in Arizona? Then it’s time to apply! There’s absolutely no benefit to waiting, because your green card will grant you a few incredible benefits like:

  • Easier to get a job
  • Less difficult to support your family
  • Better pay and better benefits at work
  • No longer needing a work permit

These benefits are yours for the taking, but you have to act quick because…

Immigration Laws Are Always Changing—Don’t Get Left Behind

Immigration law has a habit of changing unexpectedly and quickly, and those changes can leave countless immigrants wondering whether their American Dream is lost for good.

Just look at DACA—those who were eligible for the program and applied early are now well on their way towards citizenship, while those who delayed now face a very murky future.

When it comes to your application, postponing just one day more might mean putting your future on hold—indefinitely.

Don’t get left behind.

Are you currently eligible for naturalization or permanent residence in Arizona? If so, reach out to us right away so we can get your immigration application started immediately.

Working with Monument means faster, cheaper, easier immigration help—today, not tomorrow.