Why Utah Immigrants Need to Apply for a Green Card or Citizenship NOW

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Let’s get this out of the way—delaying your immigration application has absolutely zero benefit. Every moment you delay your application is a moment where laws and guidelines could change, accidents could occur, and your hope of becoming a US citizen could disappear forever.

If you’re now eligible for a green card or naturalization in Utah, the best time to apply is today. This article will go over a few of the major benefits you’ll get by applying for citizenship, along with several of the huge drawbacks of delaying your application.

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Citizenship Can NEVER Be Taken From You

After you go through naturalization, there’s no going back—that means no deportation, no revoking your citizenship. You are a US citizen, period.

At that point, the only way you could lose citizenship is to purposefully renounce it yourself, or to have obtained your citizenship in a fraudulent manner.

With a green card, you just don’t have the same safety net. Not only can your green card be revoked, but you could also be deported for any number of reasons—such as committing crimes, violating the terms of your green card, or simply spending too much time outside the US!

Citizens Can Travel Freely Abroad

With a green card, you’re restricted from leaving the country for more than a year unless you have a reentry permit or return visa. If not, you could lose your green card!

On the other hand, United States citizens are able to travel freely outside the US—without time restrictions or return visas.

Citizens Have More Rights

Those with a green card don’t have access to the full Constitutional rights granted to citizens, such as a right to receive aid abroad at US embassies and consulates, the right to a passport, the right to full Social Security benefits and both state and federal aid, or the right to vote in US elections.

As a naturalized citizen, you’ll receive all of those rights.

Citizens Have an Easier Time Getting Green Cards for Family Members

US green card holders attempting to petition for family members to obtain green cards typically have to deal with very long wait periods.

On the other hand, US citizens can sponsor a wider range of relatives, and deal with far shorter wait times. As a citizen, your spouse, parents, and children under the age of 21 also become eligible for US visas automatically.

What About Green Cards?

Although US citizenship is the end game, green cards are also critical for those on the path to citizenship. That means if you are eligible for a green card, your application should be taken just as seriously as if you were applying for naturalization.

Some of the major benefits of having a green card include:

  • No longer needing to renew work permits
  • Better pay and more benefits
  • Easier to support your family
  • Easier time finding a job

But to obtain those benefits and keep heading down the path towards citizenship, you have to apply—and soon. That’s because…

Immigration Laws Are Always Changing—Don’t Get Left Behind

There’s no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to immigration laws, and these frequent changes can leave many people out in the cold when it comes to their application.

Just look at DACA, which is currently up in the air (at the time of writing), and could either face major reform or be scrapped entirely. Those who took advantage of this program before this period of uncertainty are now on their way towards becoming citizens, while those who keep waiting have no idea what the future holds.

When it comes to immigration law, waiting a day too long could mean delaying your dreams indefinitely.

Don’t be left behind.

Are you eligible for a green card or naturalization in Utah? If so, the best time to apply is immediately. Get in touch with Monument right away so we can get started processing your application.

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