Why California Immigrants Need to Apply for Citizenship NOW

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Have you been putting off your immigration application? If so, your time might be running out. We would recommend calling in for a free consultation with a California Immigration Lawyer & Attorney to see your eligibility.

Every day you wait to file your application is another day when laws could change, accidents could happen, and your dreams of becoming an American citizen could vanish.

Are you eligible for naturalization or a green card right now? Then the best time to apply is today.

This post will examine a few of the major benefits you’ll receive from becoming a US citizen, plus a few of the drawbacks for not applying on time.

Citizenship Can NEVER Be Taken From You

After you naturalize in California, you no longer have to fear deportation, and your citizenship can NEVER be taken away from you (unless you’re discovered to have obtained your citizenship fraudulently).

Those with just a green card don’t have the same breathing room. Not only can your permanent residence be taken away, you could could also be deported from the country for a variety of reasons—from committing crimes to violating the terms of your green card.

You could even suffer penalties from traveling abroad for too long!

Citizens Can Travel Freely Abroad

Before you gain citizenship, your green card could be in jeopardy if you travel too long outside the country or travel abroad without the proper reentry permit/return visa.

As a citizen, you face no such restrictions and can travel freely outside the US for as long as you wish.

Citizens Have More Rights

It goes without saying that US citizens simply have more rights than those with a green card.

As a citizen, you’ll enjoy the right to vote, the right to aid overseas at American consulates and embassies, the right to receive a passport, the right to federal and state aid (as well as full Social Security), and more.

Citizens Have an Easier Time Getting Green Cards for Family Members

For those holding a green card, petitioning for additional family members to join you in the States can be a huge hassle, often meaning long wait times.

However, US citizens are put at the front of the line when it comes to bringing over family members. Plus, you’ll be able to sponsor a larger number of relatives to join you, and your parents, spouse, and children (under 21 years of age) are automatically eligible for US visas.

What About Green Cards?

While your longterm goal is probably citizenship, processing your green card in a timely manner is also important. That means is you’re eligible now, then you should apply now.

Some of the big benefits in store for green card recipients include:

  • No more work permits
  • Higher pay, better benefits
  • Supporting your family is easier
  • Finding a job is easier

But these benefits might not be available forever, and that’s because…

Immigration Laws Are Always Changing—Don’t Get Left Behind

When it comes to US immigration laws, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Frequent changes can delay or prevent you from becoming a citizen with little warning.

Just look at DACA, for example. DACA has been the subject of major reform (or outright abandonment) for more than a year, and could go either way. Those who were eligible for DACA and applied EARLY have peace of mind and are on the path towards citizenship, while those who waited are facing a very uncertain future.

There is absolutely no benefit to putting off your application for another day, and a ton of possible downsides.

Don’t get left out.

Are you eligible for naturalization or permanent residence in California? If so, get in touch with us ASAP and let’s get started processing your application—and let’s leave the worry and doubt behind forever